WATCH: Mike Lindell Speaks Out On Lawsuit Delay

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SCOTUS has delayed a massive lawsuit relating to election integrity yet again….

Why does this lawsuit keep being delayed? If Dominion and their co-conspirators have nothing to hide then why are we seeing constant delays and outright obfuscation?

Mike Lindell is onto something, and we all know it. Critics slander him—citing only his colorful personality and zeal, but beyond that they have nothing else.

They paint this man as a loon and a cooky ‘conspiracy theorist’, yet nothing he says is farfetched or out of place.

Why would anyone trust a powerful multinational corporation to have our best interests at heart? Why is it so difficult for some people to grasp the idea that powerful interests are not interested in our wellbeing?

Here’s what Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon:

More details came by way of Trending Politics:

According to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, his major Supreme Court case has been delayed, and he believes that it is purely for political reasons.

On Tuesday, Lindell told Steve Bannon that while state attorney generals claimed they would cosign the lawsuit, no filing had been made as of Tuesday afternoon.

Washington Examiner noted some of the criticism against the lawsuit:

Lawyers were quick to pick apart the complaint.

“This whole thing is incredibly dumb, of course — I’ve skimmed it, heavens knows why — but it’s not much dumber than the actual lawsuit real Attorneys General filed in January. Which is not a defense of this, to be clear,” tweeted appellate attorney Raffi Melkonian.

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