WATCH: Swedes Send Government Warning About Vaccine Passports

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A massive protest against vaccine passports took place in Stockholm, Sweden a few days ago.

I know what readers are thinking….

Sweden doesn’t have vaccine mandates or tight restrictions.

They took the pro-freedom route against COVID-19, right?

You’d be correct.

However, many Swedes worry about the possibility of vaccine passports coming to fruition in their country.

From the looks of this protest, it appears they’re remaining vigilant and decided to send their government a firm message.

Check it out:

Similar to an earlier NYC protest, the participants marched in solidarity with Australia.

Protestors stood firm against vaccine passports and vaccinating children.

Other chants included “Wake Up Sweden” and “No to Vaccine Passports.”


It never hurts to remain vigilant.

How many Americans would take the initiative and protest vaccine passports before they’re implemented in their hometown?

Honestly, I don’t think too many would.

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