WATCH: “Trudeau For Treason!”

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Justin Trudeau Accused Of Betraying Canada For 'Globalist Partners' At  Saskatchewan Town Hall | HuffPost Canada Politics

President Trump said it best…

You go WOKE, you go BROKE!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently lost more of his political capital when the people of Canada took to the streets chanting “Trudeau for treason!”

Protestors were mainly protesting against vaccine mandates, though many cited an array of reasons for why Trudeau should be removed.

Protestors the world over are beginning to fight back against vaccine mandates in Australia, France, and The EU; Canada has now proudly joined that list with their own mass demonstrations:

Fox News reports:

A campaign event for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was canceled over safety concerns after angry coronavirus protesters rallied against the liberal leader.

“I need freedom,” read one sign held by a protester in Bolton, Ontario, on Friday. While others repeatedly screamed, “F*** Trudeau!,” and people were seen waving their middle fingers at the prime minister.


BBC News had more on the Trudeau For Treason movement:

Earlier on Friday, crowds had disrupted the prime minister’s visit to a bakery in the town of Nobleton, with some jeering and holding signs reading “Trudeau Treason”.

On Wednesday, on a visit to British Columbia, he was met by anti-vaccine protesters, with some shouting they would refuse the Covid jab.

Vaccine mandates – that Mr Trudeau has backed for some workers and most travellers – have become a key issue in the general election campaign.

Mr Trudeau called the election on 15 August when polls indicated his minority Liberal government looked within reach of forming a majority.

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