What Happened To John Pierce? Lawyer Defending Capitol Riot Political Prisoners Goes MISSING

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What happened to John Pierce?

Nobody seems to know…..

Sources cite multiple conflicting reasons for his absence, including Covid-19, dehydration, a car accident, but no one knows where he actually is, and no one has heard from him since his initial absence was noted.

Seems pretty odd to me…..

Could this be indication of foul play?

Or Maybe Pierce is hiding on purpose…….

Everyone knows that the cases surrounding the Capitol rioters is highly politicized and contentious……maybe someone had a reason to intimidate Mr.Pierce, or worse……

Here’s what we currently know:

CNBC had more on the story:

Lawyer John Pierce — who is representing 17 criminal defendants in Capitol riot cases — has gone missing from court appearances amid conflicting excuses that include a claim he is hospitalized with Covid and is on a ventilator, a court filing says.

Federal prosecutors warned a judge in the filing that Pierce associate Ryan Marshall — who has been appearing in Pierce’s absence over the past week — “is not a licensed attorney.” Marshall also faces two separate felony criminal cases pending against him in Pennsylvania, the prosecutors said.

Just The News points out the odd circumstances of John Pierce’s disappearance:

On Wednesday, Pierce’s associate told a judge the defense attorney had contracted COVID-19 and was in the hospital on a ventilator. The associate also allegedly told a prosecutor Pierce had been in a car accident.

Later on, a different associate told a reporter that Pierce was in the hospital being treated for dehydration and exhaustion.

This week, the Justice Department got involved, informing several judges that no one had heard from Pierce in a week and that “multiple” phone lines for his law firm seem to have been disconnected.

Pierce’s disappearance is endangering the rights of his clients, whose cases have come to a standstill.

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