Where’s Biden?

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I’m not going to say the country is a dumpster fire right now……

All things considered, we are actually doing pretty good, and we are all blessed to live here. We certainly have our problems but we aren’t North Korea, Yemen, Lebanon, or Australia.

That being said, there are multiple crises now, on multiple fronts, and the people who are paid to be responsible for handling those crises are either making things worse, abandoning their duty, or have gone into hiding.

Rising inflation, social unrest, vaccine mandates, the disaster in Afghanistan, the destruction from hurricane Ida, and now a hostage crisis are just some of the issues that need tending to, so where are the people paid to tend to these issues?

Where are our ‘elected leaders’?

Where’s Biden?

The absence of our supposed ‘President” right now might not even be so bad if he hadn’t talked up such a huge game while he was running for office.

Biden and Democrats got on TV pretty much every single night to talk about how they were going to fix the nation’s problems…….

They spent an arm and a leg trash talking President Trump pretty much all day every single day, and when they finally had enough fake ballots to defraud the election, they made their way up to the plate to bat…….

Then they soiled the bed in front of everybody.

That’s the real issue here, these people talked one of the biggest games we have ever heard, yet they overpromised and underdelivered in a MASSIVE way, and after ALL of that Biden has once again gone into hiding.

The 78 year old Biden made his way back to Delaware to hide out from the very issues he swore to solve—many he himself created, and now many are asking the $3.5 trillion question: where’s Biden?

Here’s what people are saying:



Biden’s absence was noted by The New York Post:

President Biden is scheduled to spend at least part of Labor Day weekend at his home in Delaware despite the ongoing fallout from the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan that has left dozens of American citizens and thousands of the US military’s Afghan allies in Taliban-controlled territory.

The White House says Biden will head to Wilmington after a full day of visiting Louisiana communities devastated by Hurricane Ida. Before he departs the executive mansion for New Orleans Friday morning, the president is scheduled to give remarks on the August jobs report.



Republicans sharply criticized the move according to Fox News:

“American citizens are still stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and meanwhile Joe Biden is vacationing in Delaware,” Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said in a Saturday tweet.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House deputy press secretary, told reporters during a Friday press gaggle that Biden was dealing with “different multiple crises.”

“But […] this is the role of the president, right? To make sure that we keep working. We have addressed multiple crises at the same time,” she said.

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