White Man Kicks Black Family Out of NY Restaurant Over Vaccine Papers

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A white man just kicked a black family out of a restaurant.

Is this the America you want to live in?


It wasn’t racism.

It was because the black family didn’t have vaccine papers with them.

But want to know the worst part?

Restaurant patrons started CHEERING when the black family was kicked out of the restaurant.

This happened in New York.

Can you imagine if this happened in the south?

Don’t you think the Democrats and the media would be screaming “Racism!”

Don’t you think that Black Lives Matter would be out protesting?


This is segregation 2021-style.

This is what America looks like when Democrats run it.

The vaccine mandate in New York went into effect on September 13.

EATER has more details on the mandate and what it means:

Beginning this week, New Yorkers will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, and other indoor facilities as the city’s vaccine mandate begins in earnest. The policy, which has loosely been in effect since August 16 but will be enforced by city inspectors starting September 13, is a step forward in the ongoing fight to curb the delta variant, officials say.

But for businesses operating in neighborhoods with lower rates of vaccination, the mandate raises a complicated question: What does it mean to serve your community, when half of it can’t eat inside your restaurant?

Citywide, more than 5.5 million New Yorkers, roughly 67 percent of the city’s population, have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the latest city data. Yet that number varies by borough — from some 78 percent in Manhattan to 60 percent in Brooklyn and the Bronx — and even more so by neighborhood. In parts of Chelsea, some 90 percent of residents are partially vaccinated. In Borough Park and Hunts Point, two of the city’s lowest vaccinated neighborhoods by percentage, that number drops to 45 and 53 percent, respectively.

Adam Keita, a co-owner of daytime coffee shop Daughter, has been confronting that disparity over the last month from eastern Crown Heights, where roughly 49 percent of residents are partially vaccinated at the time of publishing. He’s been requiring customers who dine inside his coffee shop to show proof of vaccination since mid-August, when the mandate went into effect without enforcement. Having to ask his customers if they had been vaccinated “changed everything,” he says.

“Business was super slow at first,” Keita says. “Mostly it was customers coming in and asking questions. They weren’t sure what they were actually allowed to do.”

Ahead of the mandate this week, his staff debated how to engage with customers about the vaccination requirement. Instead of asking whether someone is vaccinated upon entry, he says he plans to frame the question around whether someone wants their order to stay or to go, given that proof of vaccination is not required for takeout under current city guidelines. “We try to make it a non-judgmental zone,” he says. “It’s about finding ways to still serve the community.”

Others fear they’re turning their back on customers, some of which are unvaccinated and still weighing whether to take the vaccine — even in neighborhoods like Jackson Heights, where some 94 percent of residents have been partially vaccinated. Amy Hernandez, co-owner of the year-old Mariscos El Submarino, says she’s been waiting until the last minute to begin checking the vaccination status of her customers. “We were waiting and hoping that it wouldn’t end up happening,” she says.

We hope that the black family will be able to find somewhere else to eat.

And we are horrified that other patrons in the restaurant began cheering.

The era of segregation has returned under Democrat rule!

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