Who Are the REAL Criminals? Pfizer Settled in Court For $75 Million For Using ‘Nigerian Children As Human Guinea Pigs’

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla had the audacity to say those who spread ‘misinformation’ about the COVID-19 jabs are criminals.

Oh, really?

Talk about projection.

The man who heads the corporation that paid the largest criminal fine in history wants to define who’s a criminal.

Pfizer’s marketing team got behind their projecting CEO and took shots at those sounding the alarm over these dangerous injections.

Pfizer makes the drug cartels operating along the U.S. southern border look like amateurs.

To give you an example of Pfizer’s wickedness, let’s dive into their past sins.

Because the COVID-19 injections aren’t the first time they’ve used humans as lab rats.

Watch this video for a glimpse into Pfizer’s dark history:

“Thirty Nigerian families sued Pfizer in federal court yesterday, saying the company conducted an unethical clinical trial of an antibiotic on their children in 1996. It is the first suit in the United States seeking damages from an American pharmaceutical company for what plaintiffs say was medical experimentation on foreign citizens without their consent.

During a meningitis epidemic in 1996, Pfizer treated 100 Nigerian children with the antibiotic Trovan as part of its effort to determine whether the drug, which had never been tested in children, would be an effective treatment for the disease. Pfizer treated 100 other children with ceftriaxone, the gold standard for meningitis treatment, but, the suit says, at a lower-than-recommended dose. Eleven children in the trial died, and others suffered brain damage, were partly paralyzed or became deaf.”

A panel of Nigerian medical experts concluded Pfizer violated international law by testing the unapproved drug on children.

The findings from a report concluded Pfizer never obtained authorization from the Nigerian government to give the unproven drug to the children and infants.

The Nigerian panel stated Pfizer’s experiment “was an illegal trial of an unregistered drug.”

So, I’ll direct this question to Mr. Bourla.

Who are the REAL criminals?

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