“Whoa! That is Real Low” – CNCB Panel Shocked by Terrible September Jobs Report #BidenEffect (VIDEO)

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The September jobs report came out Friday morning and it’s worse than August’s numbers.

Biden’s joke of an economy only added 194,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4%, the US Bureau Labor Statistics reported.

The ‘experts’ predicted 500,000 jobs would be added but they were wrong again.

The CNBC panel was shocked as the September jobs numbers rolled in during a live broadcast.

TRENDING: Biden Defends “Mass Firings” and “Hundreds of People Losing Their Jobs” Over His Unconstitutional Vax Mandates (VIDEO)

Healthcare employment fell because of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

“Whoa, that’s real low,” CNBC’s Steve Liesman said. “Declines in nursing…not the numbers you need to put people back to work.”


Joe Biden is an expert at killing jobs (and US servicemembers).

He killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office and continues to do so to this day.

Just yesterday Joe Biden defended “mass firings” and thousands of people losing their jobs because of his vax mandates.

“When you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story,” Biden said bragging about his jobs-killing mandate.

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