Why Do The Capitol Police Look Like Robocop On Steroids?

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Did you know our Founding Fathers set up our government and our constitution such that the Federal Government was supposed to have NO police force?

Ever wonder why?

Well, today we have our answer.

Because they believed in LIMITED government.

Because they believed the Government should be scared of the people, not the other way around.

Because they knew that if we ever let the Federal Government have a police force, it would eventually be used to Terrorize the citizens and it would look something like what I’m about to show you below.

Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous than this?

Is this Robocop or Rambo or both?  On steroids?

Absolutely sickening and our Founding Fathers would be sick to see this.

Watch here:

I support LOCAL police, but I’ll tell you this is one police force I would support disbanding!

Get rid of these local terrorists!

This is NOT American!

Also unconstitutional, as is most things they’ve done with D.C.

Our founders NEVER wanted or authorized D.C. and they fought hard against it.

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And here:

Full video here:

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