Women of Tik-Tok Go On “Sex Strike” Over Texas Abortion Law….

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Ok, get ready to laugh…..

My friend, the infamous DieselPatriot1, from my Telegram Chat sent me this and it’s hilarious.

A video is going viral where several women have taken to Tik-Tok to post videos of themselves saying they are “withholding sex” until the Texas Abortion Ban is repealed.

In response, exactly zero men have been reported to have complained.  😂

Just watch it for yourself and I think you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Oh, and before one or two of you gets all angry with me, understand two things:  (1) 99.9% of people are going to find this hilarious, and (2) DieselPatriot1 is a woman and she’s the one who sent it to me.

So before you send me your hate mail, deal with that.

Ok, now for everyone else who wants a good laugh…..please enjoy right here on Rumble:

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